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Warning: do not use the Order Notes on the checkout page as it is still in development and cannot be used for information processing.


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  • Select the shipping service, multiply the price by 0.75, submit and pay the discounted price on this site.

  • Add the listing into the cart and edit the price, as shown in the image below, according to the Quoted Pirate Ship Price x 0.75.

  • If the Quoted Pirate Ship Price x 0.75 is under $6.5, add $0.5 as a service fee. If it is above $6.5, pay the actual amount as the Quoted Pirate Ship Price x 0.75.

  • If you want to avoid the hassle, simply pay $0.5. I will charge you from my end according to the information submitted.

  • In the above case, just place a single order and pay $0.5 even you are about to submit multiple shipments. Refresh and use the Google Form you receive based on the number of shipments that you need. The $0.5 payment you placed serves like a notification to me, also an authorization for later charge. A single payment of $0.5 is good enough.

  • The price varies according to the weight (or size) and distance, as it is determined at the 75% amount of what is quoted on Pirate Ship.

  • Use the Google Form in the order confirmation page after successful payment, to submit the shipping information, e.g. delivery address


  • This listing is for both weight-based AND dimensional-based rates. Submit the quoted price as long as it goes by Ground Advantage Over 1 LB.

  • No restriction on addresses within the USPS coverage

  • Both sender's and receiver's addresses are required.


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Payment Method

Credit or Debit Card of Visa, Amex, MasterCard, Maestro, Discover


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