Collection of Multiple Cards Cartridges

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The quality and legitimacy of the cards, sold by Shopping Cards™, are 100% guaranteed. Cards are gained as rewards for the freelance services I have conducted on multiple platforms (I will show the proofs later on). There are absolute no risks associated with the usage of cards.

There have been reports that customers' accounts were suspended due to the gift cards purchased from some merchants. This won't happen to you because all my cards have authorized suppliers. Just in case your accounts were compromised due to my cards, full refunds would be issued, plus the remaining balances in the accounts.

Payment Method

Credit or Debit Card of Visa, Amex, MasterCard, Maestro, Discover

Activate & Check Balance

The collection has a total value of $135, made up of $10x4, $20x1, $25x3.

Multiple cards have various balance-checking sites.

Contact me if you need to check the balance.

Buying and Delivery

After the payment has been processed, you'll be automatically redirected to a web page as follows, which delivers the card number and the PIN, as well as the order details. This delivery method is good for someone who has no access to email.

You can copy and save the link address of the delivery page. If you close the page by mistake, check your web browsing history to retrieve it OR go to your email account to receive it. If you still cannot get the delivery, you can email me to request it. I will respond as soon as possible.

Redemption Instructions

  • Download the file and retrieve the card details
  • Use the card online where Visa® is an acceptable payment
  • Add the card to digital wallets, such as Apple Pay, Google Pay, which accept Visa® as a payment method
  • Use the zip code 97203 if required for online checkout

Return & Refund

No returns or refunds on electronically delivered cards except in the case of printing or manufacturing errors making the cards unusable. Contact me in this case for a full refund or whatever recompense is.

Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions of Safeway® gift cards apply

Contact me via email


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